How It Works

Metaproofer is an online witnessing service that provides two key services: "Proof" and "Send." Here's how these services work:


  • "Proof" is a service that allows you to register your work with Metaproofer. This registration serves as evidence that you are the original creator of the work.
  • When you use the "Proof" service, Metaproofer's team supports your work by verifying and claiming that you are the original author or creator of the content.
  • This service is particularly valuable when you plan to share your work with other individuals through email or social media. It offers protection in the event that someone tries to steal or claim your work as their own.
  • Metaproofer generates a certificate when you "proof" a file. This certificate can be used to prove your ownership of the content in case of a dispute.
  • If needed, Metaproofer can also act as an intermediary and contact the responsible body to help resolve any copyright or ownership issues.
  • Any files can be “Proofed”. You can proof a Song, Artwork, Video, Program code, Documents and many more.


  • The "Send" service allows you to securely send a file to another person or organization
  • Metaproofer acts as a trusted third-party in this process, which means it provides evidence that you indeed sent the file to the intended recipient.
  • This service is particularly useful if you need to maintain a record or proof of sending the file, especially in situations where disputes or questions about the delivery may arise.

Both of these services aim to provide you with protection and documentation in case of any disputes or issues related to your intellectual property or content sharing. They cover various types of files, such as songs, videos, documents, and code files, making them versatile tools for content creators and businesses.

In summary, Metaproofer is an online platform that offers content creators and individuals the means to prove their ownership and the act of sending digital content securely, with the added security of having Metaproofer as a trusted witness and intermediary when necessary.


The validity and storage duration for files that have been "proofed" by Metaproofer is as follows:
  • Storage Period: Files that have been "proofed" are stored on Metaproofer's server for one year from the date of registration.
  • Expiry: After one year has passed from the initial registration date, the file will be automatically deleted from Metaproofer's server.
  • Reproofing: If you wish to extend the storage of your file beyond the one-year period, you have the option to "Reproof" the file before it expires. This means you can re-register or re-validate your ownership of the content, and the file will remain in Metaproofer's system for another year from the date of the reproofing.

It's important to note that once a file is removed from Metaproofer's system, our team may not be able to verify your work in case a dispute arises at a later date. Therefore, if you anticipate needing continued proof of ownership or wish to maintain the ability to assert your rights to the content, it's advisable to "Reproof" the file before it expires to ensure its continued availability for verification and protection.

If you proof the file again after being deleted from our server, the registration date will be the new date. So, if you wish to keep the file in our server and have the original proof date, “Reproof” the file before expiring.